How do I join for the first time?

Go to the top banner menu and select subscribe.  On the subscribe page choose Volunteer or Volunteer Organisation.

Volunteer – someone looking for a volunteer position.

Volunteer Organisation – an organisation or business with a volunteer position to fill.

How do I use the search function?

You can search by town, region, or volunteer category.  You can also just type in a keyword or a role you are interested in finding such as ‘cafe assistant’.  You can use just one of the filters or all them to narrow down your search.  If you need help with the search function please contact us.

How do I apply for a volunteer role?

Once you have found a volunteer role you can submit your interest by clicking on Express an Interest.  You can also contact us or contact the organisation directly.  Make sure you subscribe – this will help us match you to suitable volunteer roles.  Once you submit an Express an Interest Form you will receive a conformation email. Your form will be sent to the Volunteer Organisation – they will then make contact with you.

Submitting a Express and Interest Form doesn’t mean that you have become a volunteer with that organisation. You will still need to go through a recruitment process that may include an application; a formal interview; reference checks and background checks. Each organisation and group may have a slightly different process.

What training can I attend?

As a subscribed Volunteer you can complete our online Volunteer Ready Training.  Please refer to the Training page on this site.

I need help with an online form, a subscription or a volunteer opportunity – who do I contact for help?

You can contact us on 03 5421 1619