Skilled volunteers are looking for roles!

What could your organisation, club or group do if it had access to some powerful skills?

  • More Marketing?
  • Tidy up the Accounting?
  • Get Policies in Order?
  • Complete some of those long-term Unfinished Projects?

What is Skilled Volunteering?

Skilled volunteering is usually project-based, often involves the volunteer working from home or remotely. It is usually goal-driven and mutually beneficial. The task or project is usually very focussed and encourages the volunteer to demonstrate their knowledge base.

Who are Skilled Volunteers?

Skilled Volunteers can be anyone with a specialised skill-set who is willing to share those skills for the benefit of the community or to further a particular cause.

Why be a Skilled Volunteer?

1. Skilled Volunteering is Credible

For those wanting to develop work experience:

  • 95% of employers agreed that volunteering can be a credible way of gaining real-work experience.
  • 85% of employers believe that relevant volunteering work is just as credible as paid work.

2. Skilled Volunteering is Integral

For those wanting to show the world who they really are:

  • motivation, social responsibility, and being proactive are the top three personality traits associated with Australians who volunteer.
  • These traits are also highly valued by employers.

3. Skilled Volunteering is Empowering

For those wanting to share knowledge & experience:

  • Skilled volunteering provides new opportunities to pass on knowledge and life skills to others in the community.
  • Empower others to make decisions, try new things and see issues from a new perspective.

Skilled Volunteering builds trust and connection in communities as people learn from each other how to build their capacity and resilience. Sharing skills builds Social Capital:

Social capital is the number of people who can be expected to provide support and the resources those people have at their disposal. It is a means of production, that produces better conditions of life





Tips for Creating a Good Project:

  • Defined scope – have a clearly written outline
  • Agreement – based on the scope and signed off by both parties
  • Defined outcome – clearly articulate what you would like your skill-based volunteer to deliver
  • Project milestones – identifying project milestones will give your volunteer a clear sense of what you need and when
  • Communication channels – assign a leader for the project that will work with and be the main point of contact for your volunteer
  • Recruitment Process – Follow your Volunteer Policy when selecting your volunteer, including checks and induction processes

Tips for Attracting Skilled Volunteers:

Identify the skills you need.

Make a list of the experience and qualifications your volunteer staff already have.

Write a detailed job description, describe:

  • The likely time commitment.
  • The degree of flexibility.
  • The expected outcomes of the work

Identify likely candidates. You can do this by:

  • Using a volunteer matching service
  • Asking organisations similar to your own for recommendations
  • Identifying tertiary level courses

Describe the benefits for potential volunteers.

Include time for mentoring in the project.

Promote the skills of your volunteers as a way of rewarding their contribution and promoting your organisation as a great place to donate time.

Tips for Celebrating your Skilled Volunteers:

  • Stay in touch after the project or volunteering period is complete
  • Celebrate the completion
  • Share the story using your social media, website and press releases
  • Present a certificate or letter of thanks