Introducing VIKTOR

Volunteer Central Vic has upgraded volunteer management processes to make it easier to find your perfect volunteer!

 VIKTOR  allows volunteer involving organisations to directly manage an online organisation profile,and promote volunteer positions.

VIKTOR is the database behind GoVolunteer, SEEK Volunteer, and  Volunteer Profile, as well as the popular GoVolunteer mobile app, so when your volunteer positions are entered into VIKTOR they will automatically be advertised in all of these places as well as on the Volunteer Central Vic website.

Volunteer Central Vic filters volunteer Expressions of Interest and interviews prospective volunteers, saving organisations and volunteer managers time and administration.

Volunteer Central Vic continues to provide advice and support in all matters relating to the management and coordination of volunteers. If your organisation need help identifying your volunteering needs or with getting started using VIKTOR, please contact us.

This is a FREE service.

To Register:

Please go to our website and complete the online Organisation Registration form:

You will need to upload your current Certificates of Currency for both Public Liability insurance and Volunteer Personal Accident insurance. If you do not have both types of insurance, please call us to discuss further.

We will also need a copy of your organisation logo, minimum size is 250 x 250 pixels.

Once your organisation is registered, you will receive a unique login so you can start uploading volunteer positions.

Why is insurance important?

Volunteer Central Vic is committed to Best Practice in Volunteering and works to promote the National Standards in Volunteering. If you would like to find out more about volunteer insurance, please visit this website: