Heathcote Health

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Heathcote Health is always looking for Volunteers and have a belief that volunteers enhance the health service by providing value added services to patients, residents, families and visitors.

Heathcote Health aim to provide volunteers with work that is meaningful, challenging and rewarding so that all volunteers know they are making a difference. The volunteer program at the health service aims to match the right person to the right role.

Volunteers can contribute to Heathcote Health through a range of roles including:

  • assisting with the with patients and residents
  • administrative assistance
  • gardening
  • fundraising initiatives
  • delivering meals on wheels
  • and many, many more

Useful Links – organisations in Heathcote looking for volunteers

There are a number of key organisations in Heathcote looking for volunteers for a range of important roles.

If you’re interested in finding out more or signing up as a volunteer with the Flying Doctor Community Transport service, simply email communitytransport@rfdsvic.com.au or call 0437 108 560.