Verily Connect is a place for carers to connect online and support each other in a dementia-friendly community.  Volunteers are being sought for this project.

The Virtual Dementia Friendly Rural Communities (Verily) project is about supporting people who are caring for someone living with dementia or memory loss in a rural setting, and helping rural communities to better understand and support people with dementia and their family and friends. The research trials and evaluates innovative technology and skills-building to increase the capacity of rural communities to provide support for and care of local people who have dementia, and their carers, family and friends.There are 3 strategies being trialled for the Verily project:
1. A “technology learning hub” in each community that is staffed by volunteers who have been trained to help carers use online technology
2. A website and mobile application (app) (called “Verily Connect”) that provides information and that also connects carers to each other and to service providers
3. Carer peer support groups that meet by video-conference
At the conclusion of this project, the plan is to develop a toolkit for other rural Australian communities to implement their own virtual dementia-friendly communities.

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