Our Vision

At Volunteer Central Vic our Vision is to offer a person-centred volunteer support hub, a space of connection, hope, friendship and transformation for all members of the community.  We strive to include everyone and to connect volunteers, communities and organisations to optimal volunteer activities.  Through this we aim to increase fulfilment, health and well-being for all, and to support vibrant, connected communities.

Our Mission

Supporting Volunteers and the community by taking a grassroots approach and providing a person-centred service to all interested volunteers.

Providing an in person service to assist new volunteers to connect with volunteering organisations and to match people with roles that suit them.

Assisting volunteer organisations by promoting volunteering opportunities across Central Victoria.  Providing support to volunteer organisations with one-on-one coaching, training and support.  Providing a range of resources and training tools.  Assisting volunteer organisations to recruit volunteers and draft volunteer roles and position descriptions. 

Playing an important role in linking organisations with volunteers and providing information and support in the volunteering space.

Providing useful information and tools for effective volunteer management practices, policies and procedures.